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Hume Lake Sponsorship


SPCC is asking for sponsors for high school students to attend Hume Lake Christian Camps in August. Four recent graduates from SPCC's High school Ministry went to HUME to assess the camp. Read about their experiences below. Scroll to the very bottom of this webpage to fill out a sponsorship form.

Check out Hume’s website and watch their videos on High School Ponderosa Summer Camp: VIDEO

HUME LAKE - Find out more on their website

After you have filled out the sponsorship form, you can make a payment online by clicking HERE.


Justin Goheen

When I visited Hume Lake to see if it would work as a summer camp for our high school students, I was excited with the idea that we could be moving on to something new. As a student, recreation and programming was something that I looked forward to even before arriving to camp. I lived for the competition and the hype created by the camp directors. As I observed how Hume executed this task, I was amazed at the level that they operated and precision that events were carried out. Every minute detail was thought out and intentional, and almost every student was interacting and participating, which is a sharp contrast to the current camp that SPCC sends our students. I think this is important to have because it draws students in (both inside and outside the Church) to the camp, but also creates unity with students and leaders, opening doors to share the gospel. Upon driving up to Hume Lake, the first thing I noticed was that Hume is HUGE…I mean absolutely ginormous in comparison to our current summer camp. Overall, I feel like Hume Lake is worth the risk. It is a big move that costs more money, but I think that this aspect of student ministry needs a boost. For the sake of the Kingdom, it is worth trying out and seeing how God will work. Church, I implore you to take this decision seriously. There is more to this than just summer camp. This is one of the central aspects of student ministry, and is a huge tool for outreach. I hope that you will not only help make this decision, but also support it in the coming summer in whatever way you can.

Ashley Gilmore

In the mountains of Sequoia National park rests an oasis for young and old alike, Hume Lake Christian Camp. This site has served as a building block for believers since 1946! Walking around the camp you can see why. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Not only is it surrounded by a stunning lake and the world’s largest trees, but it also reflects the glory of our King. There are signs set up everywhere pointing the praise back to Christ, and if that’s not enough, you can sit in one of the meetings and hear the staff passionately proclaim the goodness of our Lord. I have no doubt that God’s presence is alive and active here! Why is this important? Because our high school ministry is going through a bit of a dry season right now. The reason for this? Only God knows, but two huge factors come to my mind: unity and passion. A group who is unified will want to spend the summer together and a student who is passionate will cling to any opportunity they have to grow in their faith. Hume Lake Christian Camp can ignite both of these! The lengthy drive itself, brings students together, and when they are there, the messages are set up to extend past camp and bring the body of Christ together. And passion, well that is fueled in many ways. The one that stood out to me the most came from a camp tradition called Victory Circle. At the end of camp every year, students hike up to a place to share the victories that Christ has brought over camp! An immense sense of God’s presence fills the firelit air and songs of worship are poured out for our King. The passion I felt in this moment still reigns in my heart over a week later. High school is such an important age for a Christian and I believe that Hume Lake is just what our church needs to ignite the hearts of our youth and proclaim the glories of Christ!

Sean Metcalf

God often uses Summer Camp significantly in the life of a high school student. I speak from experience as someone who first met Jesus at a summer camp with SPCC and as a youth leader who has attended many different summer camps. I have never been to such an excellent camp as Hume Lake. Hume’s programming and staff exude excellence in how they run this camp. From the great energy and organization of camp events, as well as a highly relevant approach that caters to high school students. I can say that I, myself, am envious of the students that will be able to attend. Though their games, free-time activities, facilities, and wide variety of food options are, to say the least, crazy sweet, what I was most impressed with was the intentionality Hume puts into what they do. Prayer and worship are emphasized at Hume in such a sweet way. I was encouraged as the camp frequently paused and took significant moments to still hearts and seek God. The staff at Hume is not flashy or elevated, as often can happen, but relatable and relational, natural. From the times of prayer, to the last night of sharing what God has done in victory circle, everything is intentionally made to feel natural and something that can continue at home. Most importantly I am most impressed by the focus Hume puts into equipping the church to be a part of the students experience. Lives are often changed at camp only to have students come home from the camp high and return bearing little life change. Hume understands the greater importance of the church community and accountability in changing lives, so they incorporate the local churches to facilitate, for youth groups to grow together and share in what God is doing. Though the games, camp freedom, and worshipful atmosphere will cause students to love camp, the intentionality Hume puts into turning everything back to seeking Christ and equipping the church make Hume the most excellent summer camp I have seen and one fully worth its distance and cost.

Kalie Goheen

I was never a student who was huge on summer camp. I was always so busy during my summer break with sports, vacations, and family events that it wasn't a high priority on my list. So, when Byron asked me to go check out Hume Lake with him, I thought to myself "Are you sure you want to bring me?!" Besides in high school, I didn't think camp was a very spiritual thing. Needless to say, going to a new camp I was skeptical. However, the drive up the mountain to Humebegan to woo me. There is something about getting away from everyday life and cell phone reception that allows for a special encounter with our incredible God. The natural setting of Hume Lake is simply breathtaking. God's glory is shown all around in His creation. Reading my Bible by the still lake at sunset filled my soul with goodness and truth.God's creation isn't the only thing that began to change my heart towards summer camp. Hume Lake does an amazing job encouraging church unity and fellowship amongst students. Through games, discussion time, and messages, I kept hearing about the importance of the body of Christ in your life and the need to be involved in your church community. Summer camp can produce a spiritual high that will likely die soon after if there is no accountability. I was very happy to see Hume pointing those very facts out to the students and challenging them to press on towards Jesus all year long with their brothers and sisters in Christ. I think the opportunity to take our students to Hume Lake this summer is not an opportunity to be missed. I believe that memories will be made and fun will be had, but most importantly I believe that hearts will be spurred on to love Jesus more.

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